Dear parents and
people interested in this topic,

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Britta Thielen-Donckel and I am a German paediatric physiotherapist, practising on an international basis.

Is my child healthy? That's always the first question that parents ask. But what if the child is ill, what if it has a disability, what if the infant fails to develop in line with its age? The quicker an issue is recognised by a doctor or by the parents, the quicker something can be done to help. Paediatric physiotherapy should then be initiated as quickly as possible.

Babies and small children prefer to be at home - in their trusted environment. They feel relaxed and happy at home.

I come to you in my role as a paediatric physiotherapist, and treat your child in your home. 

I work across borders, travelling to where parents prefer to have their child treated. For appointments and information regarding treatment costs, please log in to the protected area.

 You can visit my blog:

I am able to treat the following conditions as part of a course of paediatric physiotherapy: 

  • Children with genetic syndromes
  • Children with cerebral palsy
  • Children who are threatened with or affected by disability
  • Children with motor or cognitive developmental disorders
  • Children born prematurely
  • Children with respiratory diseases
  • Children with cranial deformities or orthopaedic disorders
  • Children with abdominal pain and colic