Baby School International
by Britta Donckel

Thank you for your interest in Baby School International by Britta Donckel. Baby School International by Britta Donckel is a concept that I came up with to promote child development at an early stage.

This therapeutic early development initiative is available for infants aged 3 months or older. At this early stage of mental development, the brain is still very plastic and is extremely receptive to external stimulation. The development of certain motor centres helps also to stimulate important cognitive functions, making it easier for the infant to turn, to move around the floor, to crawl and to walk. It has been scientifically proven that children who are capable of a good range of movement at an early stage, are also intellectually highly advanced. As they develop their ability to move, their concentration is fed by a variety of sounds, gestures and body perception. In this early phase, children's brains are introduced to various languages, to classical music and to mathematics. It goes without saying that babies of that age cannot yet speak, cannot recognise mathematical formulae and cannot play musical instruments. I have developed a specific stimulation programme for certain points and areas of children's muscle systems, which activates centres in the brain, helping children to concentrate better and be more creative, and to learn more quickly. This helps babies to store their new impressions more readily. Later, when children are older, they can draw on their retained experience of how music sounds, how different languages sound and a simple awareness of quantity and space. The knowledge that they gained at an early stage is stored away in the brain and can be retrieved at any time.

Children who have attended and experienced Baby School International by Britta Donckel are physically fit, mentally active and creative, have learned to speak at an early stage and have good fine motor skills - something that is important when it comes to learning a musical instrument. I attach a great deal of importance to learning how to act independently, at an early stage. Infants as young as 7 months can learn how to recognise "problems" and to solve them unaided. Children at Baby School International by Britta Donckel have learned how to organise themselves at an early stage. Because they have developed intelligent creativity, school-age children and (later) young people at work are able to view problems from different angles and to come up with flexible, imaginative solutions.

Baby School

  • is a recognised, therapeutic early learning initiative;
  • is important for every infant, regardless of nationality and culture;
  • is for parents who know that it is important to give their infants early developmental support, so that they can be highly successful later as school children and as students;
  • has already won several awards in Germany;
  • complies with Germany's high quality standards


Baby School International is listed in the German Education Server as a recognised, therapeutic early learning initiative.