Special holistic muscle tone therapy for infants born prematurely

One of the first things a new-born child has to come to terms with is adjusting to its new environment outside the womb - an environment full of new stimuli, e.g. gravity, light, high noise levels, lack of protection, and temperature.

Children who were born prematurely frequently experience complications that can be traced back to their difficult birth situation. These infants, often weighing just 400 to 1,000 grammes, are especially affected by immature lungs, intestines, brain, temperature regulation and muscular activity.

Appropriate physiotherapy treatment options can reduce the effect of problems in the future, or even prevent them altogether. Special respiration therapy can help premature babies.

These children often suffer from hypoplasia of the lungs or from bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Respiration therapy seeks to stabilise immature breathing, strengthen independent breathing, loosen and remove secretions, improve ventilation and prevent pneumonia. 

Respiration therapy for infants and children

Special breathing techniques and body positioning are carried out in the case of certain lung diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and chronic bronchitis. This facilitates deeper breathing, greater lung elasticity and improved flexibility of the torso, which in turn helps to remove secretions.

Long-term respiratory infections in infants and children, caused by smog and dust, make it necessary to carry out on-going special respiration therapy and physiotherapy. 

Depending on your child's individual symptoms, we are able to carry out any of the most important therapies, once your doctor has made his/her diagnosis. As parents, you too will be involved in individual forms of treatment and techniques and will enjoy learning how to handle and interact with your infant.